We are committed to the principle of: ' your trip is a perfect and unforgettable experience'

If it is a journey into the lands near or even far away, a journey dedicated to shopping in a metropolis ' en vogue' , or maybe a couple of days of well-being and relaxation - or you like to enjoy a cultural evening at ' La Scala in Milano' or at the ' Opera of Vienna' or might we bring you to your personal paradise?
WE are at your disposal and we are your ideal partner and your first contact to realize your dream!

The head office of our agency is located in Austria and as experts within this country we can assure you that this gives you the possibility to see attractions still unknown ...
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In addition, for groups, we also offer packages not only within Austria, but also for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia as well as for Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. For individuals, we book in these destinations hotels, restaurants, trips, tours, excursions and guides, tickets for operas, theater, concerts as well as organize car rentals and much more...

If you have special requests, we suggest you to contact our agency and we will prepare a personalized tour!

Do you want to make a trip or stay out of the ordinary ... in a specific theme?
We offer trips that surely will enrich your knowledge.

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Whether you are a private group, individual travelers, religious or cultural associations, companies - regardless of your needs - possible or sheer impossible - and want a program ' ad hoc' for your trip - we are happy to provide advice and a perfect organization.

One of the secrets of our success is the excellent collaboration with suppliers, made up of mutual respect in order to achieve a single result:
customer satisfaction.
Rely on SOFIA Travel and you will be in good hands from the very beginning!