Bosnia and Herzegovina Tour

9 nights /10 days



Meet and greet at Sarajevo Airport and transfer to hotel in Sarajevo. Dinner and overnight in Sarajevo.



Following breakfast, sightseeing of Sarajevo – a true crossroads of cultures, religions, architecture styles and diverse people. The city’s breathtaking backdrop of seemingly endless hills and towering mountains have in a sense always isolated the city, creating a timeless world, which despite its seclusion has always kept its doors open to the rest of the world. Although Sarajevo is a capital city typified by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it also possesses a unique ambience that seeps into the soul. The afternoon at leisure. Dinner and overnight in Sarajevo.



Following breakfast, half day excursion to „Vrelo Bosne“- a natural monument occupying an area of 603 hectares. Vrelo Bosne is located situated in Ilidza at the foot of Mount Igman approximately 15 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. Vrelo Bosne is the source of the beautiful Bosna River, with its lovely lakes full of fish, swans and small green islands. This destination has ideal summer temperatures that is a few C° lower than the temperature in Sarajevo. The afternoon at leisure. Dinner and overnight in Sarajevo.



Following breakfast, whole day excursion from Sarajevo to Kraljeva Sutjeska and Visoko. During the rule of the Bosnian Kingdom, Visoko valley was a very important trade, cultural and educational center of the Bosnian Church. Old Town „Cajengrad“ is a medieval fortress which served to defend nearby town Bobovac from enemies and today represents an archaeological site. In recent times, tourists are attracted by the archeological finds of the alleged pyramids, which the archeologist Semir Osmanagic assumes is the work of an advanced civilization that settled in the areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the Illyrians. In any case, the pyramidal mountains surrounding Visoko are an interesting natural phenomenon.


Kraljeva Sutjeska is located in in the area of the municipality Kakanj. It is situated in the valley of the river Trstionica. This is a peaceful settlement where you can see preserved authentic Bosnian houses, people wearing clothes that were used in this region in the past, and everything in it looks as if time had stopped. The Franciscan monastery, a magnificent medieval building that defies time and space, stands at the foot of a hill.

It was built in the first half of the 14th century and in its long history it was destroyed several times. Its current design dates from the year of 1890. Although the library and the archives were destroyed by fire, as were many other valuable items, there is still a rich archive of cultural and historical material in its chambers. Kraljeva Sutjeska is not only famous by the Franciscan monastery that dominates this area, it is also famous by the oldest house in this part of the country –

The Dusper House, that was built in the early 18th century and it represents a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is protected by the country. Kraljeva Sutjeska is a settlement where one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia in Herzegovina is located. Dinner and overnight in Sarajevo.


Day 5: SARAJEVO – TRAVNIK (90 km) – JAJCE (54 km) – SARAJEVO (144 km)

Following breakfast, departure from Sarajevo towards Travnik

and further to Jajce. After return to Sarajevo for overnight.Travnik (the city of Bosnian viziers), which had been

the capital of Bosnian Pashaluk for 150 years, the residence of 77 viziers, seat of two consulates, lying in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents the main administrative and political center of Central Bosnia Canton today. In its past, rich in cultural and historical tradition, and encompassing interesting events and important personalities, the people of Travnik have called their city a city-museum in the open, and justly so. This city is unique in many ways. Its exciting past has produced many important personalities and events. This city tells its own story at every step.


Jajce is a city of Bosnian king, located in Central Bosnia, in the Jajce basin, at the confluence of the Pliva and Vrbas rivers, which have always been characterized by unique natural beauties, while crucial historical events have taken place here since distant times

to the present day. Eight historical layers can be discerned in Jajce. Jajce is witness to 4 empires and 3 kingdoms. Three global monotheist religions meet here. In Jajce, six architectural styles

can be discerned. Jajce has 22 national monuments. In 2007, Jajce submitted the required UNESCO nomination documentation to be placed on the World Heritage List. Monuments from ancient times and the middle Ages have been preserved in Jajce: Mithras temple, from 4th c., St Catherine’s Church, Franciscan monastery, Medvjed Tower and the Town Gates, as well as many others. The city is surrounded by forest covered mountains, and there are also two lakes, as well as the wonderful Pliva Waterfall (22,5m) in the very center of the city. Return to Sarajevo for overnight.



Following breakfast, departure from Sarajevo towards Mostar. Upon arrival walking city tour of Mostar – beautiful city in Hercegovina, which has developed during the Turkish rule on the banks of the river as an important trade center on caravan routes. Old city of Mostar with its graceful single span Old Bridge, Mosques and Turkish house museums, has been included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage List in 2005. The afternoon at leisure. Dinner and overnight in Mostar.


DAY 7: MOSTAR – BLAGAJ (12 km) – POCITELJ (24 km) – MOSTAR

Following breakfast, excursion from Mostar to the nearby rather interesting sights. First stop is in Blagaj – a small town famous for the source of Buna River – it is one of the most abundant river sources in Europe. There is also an old dervish monastery, an attractive cultural venue, originating from the end of the 15th or the beginning of the 16th century.


Pocitelj is an astonishing medieval town which was built on a hill that dominates the riverbed of the Neretva River. In the architecture of Pocitelj the Mediterranean and Oriental styles intertwine and they simply invite you to stop by and take a walk down the narrow cobbled streets, climb the stone stairs and explore some of the secrets of this mysterious fortress. Pocitelj has always attracted travel writers, painters and poets who all found their inspiration in this place. Still preserved are numerous houses, Hajji Alija’s Mosque, a madrasa and a clock tower whose bell, according to the travel writers, rings harder and stronger than any other bell in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. Return to Mostar for dinner and overnight. 


DAY 8: MOSTAR –- KRAVICE (21 km) –MOSTAR (37 km)

Following breakfast, departure towards Ljubuski to the waterfalls Kravice which are among the most fascinating naturalistic features of the Herzegovinian region. The waterfall was created by the Trebizat River with its tuff deposits, and has been declared a natural phenomenon which is under state protection. Its height is between 25-28m and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall is 120m. As the water levels of the Trebizat River change, the waterfalls look different at different times of the year.

In the afternoon, return to Mostar for dinner and overnight.


DAY 9: MOSTAR – JABLANICA (47 km) – SARAJEVO (83 km)

Following breakfast, departure from Mostar towards Jablanica – one of the most beautiful regions to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jablanica is situated near the green-turquoise, fast-running Neretva river. During the Battle of the Neretva in 1943, Jablanica was the site of a successful raid by a group of Partisans led by Josip Broz Tito. A rail bridge over the river was blown up while a train was in the middle of crossing. There is a park and monument commemorating this action at the site. The bridge section and the locomotive which can still be seen in the river gorge are the remains of a film set depicting the battle, from the 1960s. In the late afternoon, arrival to Sarajevo for dinner and overnight.



Following breakfast, time at leisure. Afterwards transfer to Sarajevo Airport.



Services included:

          5 BB in HOTEL Hills 5*/ 4* Hollywood or similar in Sarajevo

          3 BB in HOTEL MEPAS 5*/4* Bristol in or similar in Mostar

          1 BB in HOTEL in Hills 5*/ 4* Hollywood or similar in Sarajevo

          Tourist taxes

          All private transfers according to the itinerary (with car for 2 pax; with mini van for 4-6 pax)

          Private guided tour in Sarajevo

          Half day private guide for excursion Vrelo Bosne

          Whole day private guide for excursion Visoko & Kraljeva Sutjeska

          Private guided tour in Mostar

          Private guide for excursion Blagaj – Pocitelj


          Private guide for excursion to Kravice



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