Albanian Culinary Tour Experience

8 nights / 9 days

With this tour, indulge yourselves into the best Albanian traditional food and drinks, whilst traveling through beautiful scenery and historical sites.

We will be traveling through the different tastes of Albania.

Our professional guide, will accompany you into your journey, and will explain the history of our country as well as the influences of each geographical area that impacted our cusine.

Part of the are also drinks. Spanning from the traditional Raki, to the more international Albanian produced wine. Not forgetting our beer, as well as some other non-alcoholic drinks, such as the renowned Boza or the more Balkanik Ayran, in Albanian called Dhalle.

Join us in this amazing experience where you will find the other side of Albania.


the tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance

What is included in this tour?

The following are included in the price of the tour:

  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners & dining
  • All accommodations based on middle level hotel
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • All transportation  according to the itinerary
  • Two drinks per meal (lunch and dinner)
  • Museums and national parks according to itinerary


Whats not included in this tour

The following are not included in the tour:

  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
  • Single room accommodations
  • More than two drinks per meal (lunch and dinner)
  • Guide tipping
  • Dinner the first and the last day
  • Flights to and from Albania




 DAY 1 – welcome to Albania

Meeting in Tirana in the morning. After the city tour, we will be heading towards our first food experience. the slow food movement restaurant Mrizi i Zanave, approx. 1:30min drive from Tirana. After lunch, we will head back to Tirana, where you will have a free afternoon and evening, as well as dinner on your own.

DAY 2 – welcome to the 1000 Window City – Berat

In the morning, we will head towards a UNESCO protected city, Berat, also know for its many windows. Called also The White City. On the way, we will stop at one of the best wine producers in Albania, Cobo winery. After a traditional lunch, we will visit the Castle Castle and the Ethnographic museum. We will continue having some traditional dinner as well as some traditional drink, the Raki.

DAY 3 – off to Llogora National Park

Today we will head towards Llogora National Park, one of the most scenic places in southern Albania. At lunch time, we will stop to Radhime, near the city of Vlora. We will feast on fish, and some local white wine. After we will continue our way towards Llogora. There we can have a small hike in the pines surrounding the area. For diner we will focus on a delicious roasted lamb, which hand-in-hand with either raki or wine.

DAY 4 – The southernmost city, Saranda

Off we go south again. We will continue our way towards the Albanian Riviera, following the Ionian coast line. We will stop for lunch in Qeparo Village, where we MUST have some fish. After lunch, an optional hike to to old village of Qeparo. After, we will continue towards the city of Saranda. Again, fish based dinner accompanied with white wine.

 DAY 5 – The city made of stone – Gjirokaster

In the morning we will head towards Butrint Archaeological Park. After the visit we will continue our way towards Gjirokastra. But first, we will stop in the Blue Eye spring. After this coffee break, we will arrive in Gjirokaster, where a wonderful lunch will be waiting for us. In the afternoon we will visit the castle as well as the arms museum. In the evening, we will be having traditional dinner, with roasted lamb.




 DAY 6 – The raki area

Today we will travel to Germenj, but first we will stop in Permet, one of the most important raki producing areas in Albania. After a traditional dinner, accompanied with the raki, head towards the thermal baths of Benje. After a swim there, we will continue towards Germenj. For dinner we will have local grown farm food.

 DAY 7 – The southern culture center – Korca

Today we will head to one of the most culturally influential cities in Albania, Korca. On the way we will have traditional lunch in Leskovik, a small town on the way. Dinner will include the famous local meatballs.

 DAY 8 – Towards Pogradec

Today, we will spend our final night in Albania. Our drive will not be long.. We will have fish lunch upon arrival in Pogradec. You will have a free afternoon, until dinner time, where you can choose between fish or meat.

 DAY 9 – Time to say good bye


Hotels, Tea Houses and Lodges

First day, we will sleep in a middle class hotel in the center of Tirana. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The second day, we will be spending our night in the center of Berat. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The third night is in a mountain hotel in Llogora. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The fourth day we will spend the night in a waterfront hotel in Saranda. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The fifth will spend the night in the stone city, Gjirokaster. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

Sixth day we spend the night in shared bungalows in Germenj. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The seventh day we will be in a middle class hotel Korca. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The eighth day we will be in a waterfront hotel in Pogradec. Shared twin rooms unless otherwise specified.

The ninth day is the departure day. No accommodation included.


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